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Anti-ageing Psychotherapy Programme “Inaugural in the Middle East “

Ageing is a natural biological process science has not discovered a stoppage for, yet comprehensive mental health care can support you in ageing better and happier with less sickness and pain.

Collective Development Sessions

Collective coaching is a rare and distinctive form of teamwork that can be used to achieve a variety of goals. Group learning is less intense and focused than individual coaching. It addresses a diversity of topics at a lower cost than individual sessions.

Individual Development Sessions

Why an Individual Development Session.? In the mid of your path now with something probably holding you back? You may feel confused and wonder:” What is holding you back?” From where should you start?..

Individual Recovery Sessions

Why a Recovery Session…? Conflicting emotions or muddled thoughts can frequently impact someone's physical and psychological health and last for days, months, or even years.

Paediatric Concerns and Traumas Therapy

Pediatric Trauma Therapy aims to address the emotional and psychological effects of painful and traumatic experiences, events, and situations that confront children.

Physical Pain Therapy

Why Physical Pain Therapy sessions...? The relationship between physical and mental diseases is a closely linked, two-way relationship. ...

Programme of Psychological Engineering for Adolescents

Mental health is vital to adolescents and has an essential impact on their well-being, success, and future development. Adolescence is a critical period in a person's life. This stage includes many emotional, mental, and physical changes and behavioural challenges.

Soul Shelter for Pregnant Women Programme

Pregnant women receive many hormonal changes and fluctuations during pregnancy, which may contribute to symptoms and physical and emotional changes with a potential impact on both the mother and the feotus.

Souls Resuscitation Programme

The “Souls Resuscitation” programme is a humanitarian initiative aiming at providing psychological first aid in afflicted and damaged areas around the world by helping people heal from mental and emotional distress caused by disasters or conflicts.