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“I am very thankful to my good friend Jessica whom I met in high school.   She kept encouraging me to try doTERRA essential oils for years.   I am grateful for the Verage system that I use along with immortelle as it does not break my face out.   It also leaves my skin feeling so soft!   Lavender, Breathe, & On Guard in the diffuser helps both my husband & myself get a better nights rest.  I love using a rollerball of lavender, peppermint, & lemon to support my airways.  Essential oils have been such a blessing!” 


“When Jessica introduced me to doTERRA, I had no idea how my life would change for the better, starting from a cellular level and radiating outward.  Her passion & integrity inspired my journey into a whole new world of wellness for me, incorporating my physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and psychological profiles.   This, in turn, created a lifelong goal of reaching out to help as many people as I can to improve their mind-body-spirit connection and well-being through doTERRA essential oils.   Jessica has been an answer to prayers for me.”

Boston C.

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